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FAQs about 384 North

384 North Brewing was born out of a passion for craft beer by its founders - Anthony, Natasha, Airlie, and Ryder. Originally, they owned a restaurant called Casablanca on See in the charming locale of Bargara. Wanting to offer something unique to the area, they decided to exclusively sell craft beer at their restaurant. The inspiration for the name came from the fact that Bargara is located 384 kilometres north of Brisbane. Over time, their single tap evolved into three, then eight, and their popularity led to a decision to expand to a larger location in Bundaberg. Learn more about our story

384 North Brewing has expanded from its original location in Bargara to a larger facility in Bundaberg. You can now find us at 13 Brickworks Circuit, Svensson Heights.

384 North Brewing offers a range of craft beers, with a rotating selection on their eight taps. The selection changes regularly, reflecting the founders' passion for experimenting with new flavours and styles.

The name 384 North Brewing comes from Bargara's geographical location. Bargara, where our journey in craft beer began, is located 384 kilometres north of Brisbane.

FAQs on our products

As with most craft beers, our beers may contain gluten and other potential allergens. We recommend that individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies check with us directly for specific information about our beers.

FAQs about our Brewhouse

Absolutely! We encourage beer lovers to visit our brewery in Svensson Heights, Bundaberg. We would be delighted to meet you, and you can try our craft beers directly from the source. Learn more about the brewhouse

Yes, all the craft beer sold at 384 North Brewing is brewed onsite. Our founders, Anthony and Natasha, began brewing their beer at the restaurant and have continued this tradition at the brewery.

At present, we do not offer regular brewery tours. However, visitors are welcome to visit us at our Bundaberg location, where they can try our beers and see our brewing process firsthand.

Our 3 Vessel Brewing System is what we call our larger brewing vessels at our Bundaberg location. It's here that we brew the majority of our craft beers.

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